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A revolutionary process management platform

Engage Process

Try our easy, highly effective way of mapping and analysing processes to drive improvements across your organisation. Designed to get your team involved in exploring, documenting and improving your processes.

Engage Process is 100% SaaS, so you can be up and running in just one day.

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Intuitive icons refine the user experience

Anyone can read and map processes easily

Drag, drop and edit anytime and anywhere

Make real-time changes anywhere in the process

Integrated calculation functions help you see the impact of process improvement

Analyse and refine detailed processes

Visualise process improvements that spark organisational change

Compare existing and improved process maps and see the benefits

Empower your team to become drivers of change

Experience the power of our Brainstorm App

Forget brown paper and post it notes, inspire collaborative working within your team. Remote access availability ensures every team member has the power to participate. Our automated integration function syncs Brainstorm App ideas into comprehensive, mapped processes.

Continuous feedback fuels continuous improvement

We understand that getting a process right is never a one time exercise. With Engage Process your teams can revisit, rethink and rediscuss process steps to drive change.

Strengthen organisational compliancy with process approval

The approval module ensures that continuous improvement is embedded in daily routines and stays in line with your organisation's policies.

Create a comprehensive handbook

Tailor the process to your team, highlighting critical and important areas with the handbook function. With remote accessibility, your improved process handbook is available to your teams anytime, anywhere.


A state of the art dashboard and easy-to-use Central Table module allows your team to define roles, locations, regulations and more, in real-time. Effective reporting functions support intuitive UX reports, enabling you to monitor everything from compliance and process improvement to GDPR registers.

Other key features and benefits

  • Gears

    Automatic mapping

    Automatic process mapping and syntax checks by the Logic Engine

  • Gold

    Highlight value

    Visualise process steps and drive effective organisational change

  • Swimmer

    Swimming lanes

    Our SwitchView® function generates multiple custom swimming lanes

Clients say…

Martyn Thompson, Sr. Change & Delivery Officer City of Edinburgh Council

Our challenge at Edinburgh Council is to save money effectively. By looking at processes, services, and other things happening within the Council, we can identify the financial benefits.

Rachael Dixon, Process Redesign Manager Sedgemoor District Council

At Sedgemoor we re-design processes to lead in Digital Transformation and drive positive change. Doing so, it is important not to leave anyone behind, not the employees, and not the customers.

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Kane Woodking, Sr. Business Analyst Cardiff Council

Engage is a powerful process mapping tool that allows you the freedom and functionality to create in depth process maps that can be the catalyst for delivering real change through efficiency improvements.

Catherine Orton, Change Officer Rugby Borough Council

Engage Process is so easy, quick to use and a great time saver. The benefits have been more efficient and cheaper processes.

Esther Gunn-Stewart, Director Gunn Stewart Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to do process mapping workshops remotely. At Scottish Rural College that turned out surprisingly effective due to the Brainstorm functionality in Engage Process.

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Sanjay Mistry, Programme Manager Cheltenham Borough Council

When you show people the data out of Engage Process, and ask them if the process they see is broken or not, that’s where the shift kicks in. Because they know it’s their work that you’re talking about.

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Kay O'Flaherty
Kay O'Flaherty, Head of Service: Digital Wrexham County Borough Council

We focused on acquiring software that would make process redesign painless. Engage Process seemed to be the best fit for this.

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Seeing is believing

Let us show you why thousands of daily users use Engage Process to improve customer focused processes, make significant savings and enable people driven change.